you can in a simplified form by clicking symbolically contribute to the restoration disturbance to the ground, to the preservation of peace in Europe and at the same time you have the opportunity to express themselves freely. You also have a chance for a while to get rid of their own fears and worries of what will be if … maybe after a long time you will experience the feeling of relaxation, perhaps deeply and freely expiration.

When those pleasant feelings come, it will surely be because you intuitively do what you feel and what feels right to do so. And of course, because so acting on behalf of peace, freedom and life. And also you can please the fact that clicking will not let this (even if only symbolically) to decide about your life somewhere at the headquarters of NATO and the Pentagon.

I believe that you and me, attracted by the opportunity to show the world and European establishment that their costly and massive manipulation linked to the systematic dumbing down has not brought the expected results. And many of us resist this propaganda and preserve your sanity.This project began expressing my personal attitude especially for one person – Vladimir Putin. Click however, you did not express support for one specific person, but supports higher principle, the idea that we are superior to all – preserving life, freedom and balance on Earth. For participation in the project “zdravý” I hereby thank you.