Dear friends, by simple clicking you have the possibility to contribute symbolically to the restoration of the impaired balance of the world, to maintain peace in Europe and at the same time to express yourselves freely. You also have a chance, for a moment, to get rid of your own fear and worries of what will happen if ... Maybe you will experience the feeling of relaxation, maybe you will breathe out deeply and freely.

When those pleasant feelings come, it will surely be because you have just done intuitively what you feel right to do. And of course, because you act on behalf of peace, freedom and life.

And you may also be pleased by the fact that by clicking here you will not let others (even if only symbolically) to decide about your life somewhere at the NATO headquarters or in Pentagon.

I believe that both you and me, we are attracted by the opportunity to show the Establishment, in Europe and all over the world, that their costly and massive manipulation linked to the systematic dumbing down has not brought the expected results. And many of us resist this propaganda and preserve our common sense. This project began expressing my personal attitude especially towards one person - Vladimir Putin. By clicking, however, you will not express support for one specific person, but you will support higher principle, the idea that is superior to all of us - the preservation of life, liberty and balance in the world.

I hereby thank you for participation in the project "zdravyrozum.eu".

If you think the overall balance in the world (purpose made military conflicts, loss of personal freedom, destruction of the environment) is impaired...
If you think that the spiritual values that helped to create civilization for several thousand years are systematically dishonored and fought against...
If you think that NATO is rather an aggresive group which plays the role of world aggressor and does not guarantee world peace, freedom and balance in the world...
Putin Putin Putin Putin
you are not alone